Drobo changes RAID and data integrity solutions from complicated and expensive solutions into a simple, attractive black box. All you do is add some hard disks and that's it. Simple. Effective. Economical. Intelligent. For Mac, PC or Linux.


Drobo utilizes a revolutionary storage technology that makes it simple for anyone to use, yet is powerful enough for business. Once you experience the power of Drobo, the idea of keeping multiple external drives or a RAID 5 array will seem as antiquated as that 28.8Kbps modem in the back of your closet.

Your library of data grows every moment. Now, your storage solution expands in seconds, too. Drobo holds up to four hard drives, can expand at any time, and supports up to 16TB on a single volume as disk sizes increase. Choose how big you want your Drobo today with any combination of drives capacities.

Drobo guards everything on it.
Drobo combines up to four hard drives into a big pool of protected storage. Start with two, grow to four, then upsize smaller drives-get Terabytes of protection.

Drobo manages storage, so you don't have to.
Just connect Drobo to your Mac or PC. No RAID levels. No management or configuration. Drobo does everything for you. Get rid of multiple external drives. Avoid the complexity of RAID. Attach a Drobo storage robot to your system and let it manage your storage so you don't have to.

Drobo upgrades capacity on the fly.
Add drives to Drobo at any time. Mix 'n match capacities, brands or speeds. No downtime, data migration, or waiting to access new capacity. Drobo works the way you do.

Drobo lets you Pay as you grow
Hard drives get bigger and cheaper all the time. Don't buy storage capacity until you need it. Buy capacity when you need it possibly saving you hundreds of dollars.

Non Stop Data Protection
Automatically protects your data with no setup or configuration. If the status lights are green, your data is safe.

Data Aware
Knows where your data is stored on the disks so Drobo knows the most effective way to protect your data and repair itself in case of a disk failure or data corruption.

Simple LED Management
Drobo communications are as simple as a traffic light. All lights green, your data is safe. Yellow light, Drobo is 85% full, add or replace a drive. Red light, your data is not safe, add or replace a drive immediately.

Autonomous Storage Management
Your data is always accessible. Even when you add or replace hard drives, Drobo manages the re configuration and data protection in the background, so your data is always available to you.

Mix and Match Drive Capacities
Unlike rigid, inflexible RAID solutions, Drobo recognizes the capacities available from a group of varied disk drives. Using an intelligent mixture of industry standard practices to protect your data, Drobo can offer significantly more storage capacity than standard RAID solutions. Just how you would expect storage to work, add more drives or replace smaller drives with larger ones, and get more space.

Pay as You Grow
It's so easy to add drives to Drobo, you can start with the fewest drives / minimum capacity you need to meet your storage requirements today and just add or replace drives to increase capacity later. This feature lets you take advantage of regular disk drive capacity improvements and pricing declines.

Continuous Upgrades
No need to buy an entirely new system when Drobo is full. As long as disk drive capacities continue to increase beyond the capacities you have purchased, you can upgrade Drobo simply by replacing your smallest drives with larger ones.