About Us

Do you require an industrial solution, IP protection and a sound ROI ? 

Then contact ATDI for Degaussers, media destroyers, Disc duplicators & printers, SD & USB copiers, packaging machines, storage devices and media & print consumables.  We have a vast range of equipment that will suit your budget.

ATDI offers a wide variety of manual and automated manufacturing devices - from Blu Ray, DVD, CD, USB, SD tower copiers through to large scale robotic duplicators that can both record and print media.             

ATDI was established in late 1999 by Al Sankauskas, an endeavour to provide customers with high quality, high production capability - enabling their requirements to be met with the most cost effective industrial equipment.  ATDI offers professional service at the highest standard.  It's a complete business strategy that allows customers to benefit from cost effective capital investment while adhering to the highest standards of quality.

No matter whether it's sales, service or parts, as Australia's leading Importer we can tailor a solution to your requirement.