Scribe 9000 PS

Scribe 9602 PSJMF Digital's Scribe Print Station, with "KVM" PC Built in, comes ready to run. Just add the Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse. Snap on the modular printer of your choice and you go to work. Choose InkJet or Thermal Print Solutions.

Get rid of those labels or low end failure prone ink guzzling consumer grade printers and bring your production to a professional level. Use our DriGloss media for quality, instant dry, durable prints.

Equip your fully automated Scribe Print Station with your choice of modular printer including inkjet, thermal, or thermal dye sub re-transfer ensures the best solution for your needs.

For best all around printing choose the PicoJet. Based on HP's award winning Inkjet platform, these units produce high quality color prints at an affordable price for both equipment and consumable cost.For high archival quality full color choose our thermal or dye-sub thermal re-transfer printing options. For the lowest print cost choose our monochrome thermal printer. If your requirements ever change, just swap out the modular printer.

Enjoy the full power of a Windows 7 based Disc Print Station. Access your print station from any PC with our exclusive Scribe 9000 XP Pro, Windows 7 network client.