Ripstation 7600 Series

Professional Grade CD Ripping Systems - Fast, Reliable, Affordable


The Ripstation from MF Digital has fast become the industry standard media ripper. Ideal for service bureaus providing digital music conversion, custom installers, retailers and on line music stores, the Ripstation 7600 Series is a perfect solution.

Engineered to perfection the Ripstation is designed for long run disc ripping with absolutely no human intervention. Completely automated, the Ripstation will extract audio from CDs at high speed and gather accurate metadata including artist, album and cover art for each and every track. The “KVM” PC built-in solution means each Ripstation System is pre-configured which results in easy setup without error - simply connect Keyboard, Video Monitor and Mouse and begin ripping.

MF Digital’s Ripstation is simply the most feature packed and reliable system on the market and from the moment you open the box to the last disc of the day, you can count on Ripstation.


Best Metadata Available

Since metadata is the key to audio management, the Ripstation uses a combination of up to 6 metadata services including licensed, paid-for metadata services such as GD3. This insures extremely accurate and consistent data for every disc ripped, and our automated grooming function further enhances the end user experience. Ideal for any music catalog is the album artwork or image of the original CD cover. Ripstation delivers high quality format images for each and every CD. So whether you play it on an iPod or large screen Plasma you have the best resolution available.


Format support

The Ripstation series can rip to every audio file format including Flac, Windows Media, MP3 and AAC and can rip multiple files at one time, or even generate clips for on line music providers.


Support for virtually every device

To streamline the CD ripping process the Ripstation offers direct-to-device abilities. All systems have been tested with manufacturers of media equipment to ensure loading CD content and metadata directly to all platforms including the iPod, SanDisk, Nokia, Imerge, XiVA, Crestron, Escient, Request, Linn, Qsonix, Olive, Control 4, Sonos, B&O and any NAS or USB device. Simply put, Ripstation is the industry standard.


Powerful and flexible, yet simple to use

Using Ripstation is simple – load the discs, press start and select you target device and file format. At this point the Ripstation automation takes over and processes every disc providing detailed reports for the batch. Our industry experience also allows Ripstation to be configured for every possible output and requirement.


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