V91 Max

V91Manual Degausser

The V91 MAX is a second generation, high energy, degausser especially designed for the complete erasure of today’s high coercivity hard drives and tapes.

With an effective, field strength of up to 7,000 gauss, the V91MAX is particularly recommended for erasing hard disk drives with high density coercivity levels.

With figures in excess of -75dB for high energy metal tapes and up to -90dB on standard oxide tapes, complete erasure is assured every time with quick erasure times running as little as 20 seconds per cassette.

Powerful enough to erase data hard drives, DLT, SDLT, 3480's, LTO4 and more, the V91 MAX is a compact, low noise, manually operated unit that sits neatly on a table top.

Download the V91 Datasheet