The PD-8700 is designed to provide a safe, convenient and effective method of destroying confidential information contained on hard drives. The PD-8700 degausses and then physically destroys the hard drive ensuring that the information previously contained on the hard drive is permanently erased and destroyed.

The PD-8700 meets compliance standards for government mandates requiring complete elimination of private and confidential information stored on hard drives prior to disposal

The PD-8700 is actually two machines in one. First, it is a powerful degausser rated at 10,000 gauss. Secondly, it is a Physical Hard Drive Destroyer that pierces holes into the data platters rendering the hard drive physically unusable. For flexibility, the PD-8700 allows the user to chose between "Auto" mode - performs both degauss and destroy modes, “Erase” mode or Destroy mode.

The Erase mode of the PD-8700 features a degaussing force of 10,000 gauss and a large tray size to accommodate today's high coercivity drives as well as older, larger sized hard drives. Stored energy is quickly released to produce short, focused erasing fields that penetrate through the hard drive housing, changing the magnetic properties contained on the data disk platters.

Because the PD-8700's erasing field is many times stronger than the writing and erasing heads inside the hard drive, the PD-8700 will provide superior erasure over re-write programs that rely on the hard drive's internal write heads

The Destruction mode of the PD-8700 is designed to physically disable the hard drive, preventing data from being recovered. The physical destruction visibly identifies hard drives that have been properly sanitized.

The PD-8700 accommodates all formats and sizes of hard drives up to 4.5" wide and 1.66" high. The PD-8700 does not rely on software, therefore it will erase all operating systems. In addition, degaussing is the only way of erasing hard drives that are not functioning.

New security and privacy mandates now require complete erasure of media containing sensitive and confidential information prior to the re-use or disposal of the media.


  • Fast, safe, clean erasure and destruction in one machine.
  • Simple one button operation.
  • Conveniently operates from a 120 VAC outlet.
  • Compact and quite design easily operates in any office environment.