The HDTD-8800 is a large capacity Hard Drive and Tape Degausser capable of erasing Laptop Computers, hot swappable hard drives with mounting hardware attached and high coercivity video tapes like HDCAM SR.

In addition, the HDTD-8800's large capacity allows the erasure of up to 6 hard drives, 6 DLT's (SDLT, SDLT-600, LTO's), or several large tape reels at one time.

The HDTD-8800 is designed to permanently eliminate data contained on Hard Drives, Laptop Computers, Tape Cartridges and Tape Reels.

The HDTD-8800 erases all media formats and sizes. The large opening of the HDTD-8800 allows it to erase up to six (6) hard drives or six (6) DLT, SDLT or SDLT II media at one time. The HDTD-8800 will erase any format of magnetic media up to 2½" high, 14" in length and 12½" in width, including laptop computers.

Simple operation allows non-technical operators to erase all formats of media without the confusion of using complicated adapters.

Operation is easy. Place media in the pull out tray, slide the tray back in, push the erase button and the HDTD-8800 will do the rest. When the operation is complete (approximately 2 minutes), you may safely reuse the media or dispose of it.

The HDTD-8800 conveniently operates on standard wall voltages and can be easily moved as it comes standard with casters.


  • Completely erases all formats of tape, hard drives and laptops.
  • Large capacity allows for up to 6 hard drives at one time, large tape reels and large video cassettes.
  • Erases network drives with hot swappable hardware attached. (Metal mounting hardware should be removed)
  • Quick & Quiet operation.