Cougar 6600

Cougar 6600The Cougar represents a single high volume 6 drive BD, DVD CD duplicator with integrated Windows Pro OS. Hi-Speed Industrial Asynchronous Standalone, expandable 6 drive BD, CD DVD Duplicator with Network control.

Designed for high volume the Cougar is cost effective and ships with unlimited network client support for a powerful, flexible and expandable system. Cougar is designed, developed and manufactured in the USA with worldwide support.

Cougar BD CD DVD Duplicator Key Features:

  • Made in the USA - Utilizing modern cast aluminum lightweight chassis
  • Industrial Design:
    • Hi-Speed industrial stepper motors mean 24/7 production
  • Asynchronous Duplication:
    • Independent drives allow instant start duplication – No waiting for all drives to load
  • Large Disc Capacity :
    • 600 Discs
  • Disc Types :
    • 120 mm, 80mm Round, 61 & 63mm Biz Card
  • Standalone Operation:
    • Simple keypad operation - No PC required
  • Massive Storage :
    • Huge 500GB hard drive (Add keyboard, monitor and mouse to access local and unlimited network image storage)
  • Unlimited Network Clients:
    • 1Gbps Ethernet port with free Windows client software. Control any number of Cougars from any PC on the network using our Network Command Centre software
  • Job Broadcast :
    • Remotely Launch jobs to networked Cougars
  • Relay Mode :
    • Load multiple masters and blanks at once to run multiple duplication jobs in succession
  • Smart Spindle Select:
    • Load CD and DVD media. Cougar will select media based on image submitted
  • Shake Disc :
    • Separates sticky media for trouble free disc feeding
  • Reject Bin :
    • Separate reject bin to collect bad media
  • Blu-ray Option :
    • Blu-Ray upgrade path available
  • Support :
    • Free lifetime software maintenance including software and firmware upgrades

Robotics Operation:

  • Hi-speed 24/7 operation:
    • Able to perform constantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fear of overheating with quick reliable robotic operation.
  • Friendly Interface:
    • All job functions and system alerts operate in an easy to use manner with simple keypad control
  • Proven Technology
    • In business over 30 years and designed and manufactured in the USA our systems are renowned for their stability, performance and reliability.