Security Degausser

The SV90 is able to perform automatic erasure of high-density magnetic media achieved by applying a highly focused magnetic field created by Verity Systems exclusive multi-axis, 'pole tip' design. The tapes or cassettes are placed in the drawer compartment and rotated within the powerful 7000 Gauss field ensuring uniform and complete erasure. The SV90 can cope with a range of media.

The SV90 can cope with a range of media including tapes of up to 16 inches diameter. Up to fifty reels or two hundred cassettes can be efficiently and quietly erased per hour; the SV90 operates continuously and is quick and efficient. The SV90 degausser is UK government approved to the CESG Degaussing Standard at the lower level. This means any magnetic media (holding restricted or less) may be regarded as not protectively marked after being degaussed.

Download the SV90 Datasheet